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  • Nanovit® Metabolic
  • Nanovit® Metabolic
  • Nanovit® Metabolic
  • Nanovit® Metabolic
  • Nanovit® Metabolic
Metabolic disorders, especially Diabetes Mellitus type 2, Obesity

Manufacturer: ICP Health Care Gmbh Germany

Pharm group: Biological food supplement (balanced dietary product) for biocorrection of metabolic syndrome, especially for patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 2.

International brand-name: Nanovit Metabolic

Instructions for use

Clinical Pharmacology: Dietetic food product for human use (balanced diet) for biocorrection of metabolic syndrome, especially for patients with diabetes mellitus type II.

Mechanism of action: Antioxidant effects at the cellular level. Neutralization of free radicals. Reducing oxidative stress state in the cells.

Pharmacological action: Nanovit Metabolic is based on siliceous mineral Klinoptilolith available in nature, which, after its processing by a special method, is activated and acquires the abilities of biocatalysts.
The crystal structure of the mineral is composed of tetrahedral silicon oxide (Si04) and aluminum oxide (AlO4) and, as a result of special processing, acquires outstanding suction and selective abilities, and the ability of the active ion exchange.
After oral ingestion it has a strong antioxidant effect at the cellular level with a positive effect towards reducing or even destroying the free radicals and endogenous and exogenous toxins.
Free radicals occur in all cells, which need oxygen, as a byproduct of normal metabolism. First of all they occur in the mitochondria, where up to 10% of oxygen does not completely reach the state of water. They also occur at antioxidative reactions and hormonal reactions, such as with oxidase, oxidoreductase or peroxidase. In the fight against invading “foreign” substances granulocytes and macrophages, the cells of the immune system, purposefully generate free radicals in order to destroy invading pathogens, such as bacteria.

Indications: It is recommended as a dietary supplement – a source of resveratrol and an additional source of vitamin C. Metabolic syndrome and particularly Diabetes mellitus Type II. At diabetes mellitus type II there is a disruption of normal balance of admission and decay of products of metabolism in the cell. They are increasing in number, which leads to the stress state of the body’s cells. The Nanovit Metabolic preparation is able to reduce the stress state of the cells, and thus to have a positive impact on the metabolic syndrome, including diabetes mellitus type II.

Contraindications: Not observed.

Dosage and administration: Upon recommendations of a physician, if there are no other recommendations, take three times a day, 1-2 capsules for 3 months, 2 courses of treatment per year.

Side effect: Not observed.

Connectivity: Compatible with all drugs. Particularly good results Nanovit Metabolic shows in conjunction with fatty acids such as Omega-3.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry place at room temperature within 3 years without being opened.

Special instructions: It is recommended for complex treatment of the metabolic syndrome, including diabetes mellitus type II, as a dietary food supplement – a source of resveratrol and an additional source of vitamin C.

Composition: 1 capsule weighing 435.000 mg contains:
Aluminosilicate (ceoactive) 90 mg
L - asparaginic acid 12 mg
Vitamin C 35 mg
Resveratrol 50% 80 mg
Inulin 60 mg
Chlorella extract 133 mg
Magnesium salts of fatty acids 10 mg
Tricalcium phosphate 15 mg

96 grams plastic bottle contains 180 capsules, 48 grams – 90 capsules.

Packing: Capsules

Packing: in a bottle of 180 capsules - 96 grams, 90 capsules - 48 grams.

Shelf life: 3 years

Official distributor in Russia and CIS countries: ICP Healthcare GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Biologically active product of catalytic and antioxidant action Nanovit® Metabolic is produced by well-known German company ICP HealthCare GmbH, it has status of dietary food product with therapeutic effect.

Nanovit® Metabolic is dietary food product for balanced diet, biocorrection of metabolic mechanisms and self-regulation (absorption, neutralization, removal of hazardous substances and aggressive slags). Used as powerful catalyst for "starting" and stimulation of metabolic mechanisms, as well as:

· Improves digestion

· Reduces stress state of cells at metabolic disorders

· Stabilizes metabolism

· Stabilizes nutrition of cells in type 2 diabetes

· It is effective tool in treatment of metabolic syndrome: hypertension, cardiac ischemia, gout, atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperinsulinemia, etc.

The main active ingredient of Nanovit® Metabolic is clinoptilolite - crystalline material of volcanic origin with high content of silica and alumina. This mineral, devoid of any impurities, after special treatment gets biocatalytic properties, stimulates ion exchange and selective capacity of human body.

By use of Nanovit® Metabolic, clinoptilolite begins to act on cell structure of tissues, neutralizing free radicals and all kinds of toxins, reduces oxidative-stress response and cell poisoning, arising in number of diseases (including type 2 diabetes).

Due to ability of clinoptilolite to capture free radicals, Nanovit® Metabolic recovers ion balance in body, removes toxins and wastes, activates and normalizes intensive metabolism in cell. Fatty acids contained in Nanovit Metabolic stabilize phospholipids of cell membranes.

The product has double effect:

· As catalyst, it stimulates quick breakdown of complex proteins, fats and carbohydrates in upper part of digestive system

· As antioxidant, it accelerates processes of absorption and neutralizing of corrosive substances, outputs toxins and impurities.

Nanovit® Metabolic is certified in Russian Federation and in countries of Eurasian Union as biocorrecting dietary supplement for prevention and in treatment of metabolic syndrome, which occurs, including as a result of harmful effects of industrial production on environment and irradiation. After consequences of chemo and gamma therapy.

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