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  • Nanovit® Immuno
Strengthen immune system, reduce recipiency to infection, in treatment of viral diseases (Hepatitis, HIV, Herpes infection..)

Manufacturer: ICP Health Care Gmbh Germany

Pharm group: Biological food supplement (balanced dietary product) used to improve weak immunity system and reduce recipiency to infection with immunosuppression, HIV infection and AIDS.

International brand-name: Nanovit Immuno

Instructions for use

Clinical Pharmacology: HIV infection and manifestations of acquired immune deficiency (AIDS).
The HIV virus in the process of reproduction in the lymphocytes of an infected person creates more and more genetic variations, and the immune system of the body is overloaded with new avalanches of genetically mutated virus particles. After this a typical high viral load occurs and is maintained. This leads to a gradual decrease in the number of CD4+ helper lymphocytes, and below a certain threshold of CD4+ helper lymphocytes the immune defense of the body gradually breaks down. In addition to the incredible genetic variability of viral progeny the break of immunity is caused by the fact that viral functions have a small gene product, which is able to mask the affected lymphocyte from recognition by the immune system.

Biochemical effects and properties of Nanovit Immuno, physiological effects on the human body.
Nanovit Immuno helps to strengthen selfguarding of the body, affected by the HIV virus. Siliceous powder Ceoactive deploys the so-called agritop action. This concept implies increased clear immune “self – non-self” recognition by antigen presentation. With the ability to break down proteins and exhibit their fragments in undisguised form Ceoactive overcomes the above-described biological ability of a virus to hide under the mask of invisibility in the infected lymphocytes. Among proteins-antigens passed through the gastrointestinal tract and delivered to immune system there are proteins of viral origin. They give instructions to uninfected lymphocytes on the production of antibodies against HIV. Thus, specific antibodies support removal of viral particles from the blood, viral load reduces and hematopoietic system has time to form new functional CD4+ helper lymphocytes. As a result, the organism does not fall into a state of immune suppression and remains effective against all sorts of pathogens and opportunistic infections.
Strengthening of selfguarding of the body is supported by the colostrum of cow’s milk, which is composed of: 18 percent or more – immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgD, IgE, IgM), of which 90% are accounted for IgA; cytokines, their structure includes interferon; Growth Factors: epithelial growth factor (EGF), insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 ((IGF-I and IGF-II), platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factors A and B (TGA and TGB); lactoferrin; nonspecific immunity factors (lysozyme, etc.), amino acids: proline – important for regulatory peptides of the immune system, taurine; highly alible proteins, fats, vitamins (A, beta-carotene, E, B12, D), minerals and other. Colostrum has a strong immune protective effect, giving resistance to infections of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. Colostrum promotes restoration of mucous membranes, as well as the regeneration of various tissues.
Ceoactive and colostrum act synergistically. As a result, as was shown in the course of clinical trials in Uganda, viral load can be reduced significantly, patients even come out of a state of immune deficiency.

Mechanism of action: Observations have shown that the viral load was significantly reduced after treatment of patients with HIV infection for 3 months. In addition, the own protective function of the body is increased. Combining mineral component with colostrum provides effective stimulation of the immune system and takes over the function of the hidden auxiliary inoculant.

Indications: It is recommended as a dietary food supplement, contains immunoglobulin. HIV infection, immunological exhaustion and increased susceptibility to infections at immunosuppression and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Contraindications: Not observed.

Dosage and administration: Upon recommendations of a physician, if there are no other recommendations, drink 1 glass of water with 1-2 capsules 3 times a day for 3 months.

Side effect: Not observed.

In different countries we observed lactose intolerance when taking fresh milk and certain milk products in a certain part of the adult population. While administering Nanovit Immuno such lactose intolerance is not possible, because colostrum of cow’s milk does not contain even traces of lactose.

Connectivity: Compatible with all medications, including virostatics.

Storage conditions: Shelf life before opening is 3 years. Store in a dry place out of reach of children at room temperature.

Special instructions: It is recommended for correction and strengthening of weakened immunity in increased susceptibility to infections.

Composition: 1 capsule with a total weight of 535.000 mg contains:
Aluminosilicate (ceoactive) 158 mg
L - aspartic acid 12 mg
Colostrum Premium Grade 240 mg
Magnesium salts of fatty acids 10 mg
Tricalcium phosphate 15 mg

The capsule weighing 100 mg contains 87 mg of modified cellulose and 13 mg of moisture. Nanovit Metabolic is based on siliceous mineral Klinoptilolith available in nature which in the course of processing and activation turns into fine, dietary powder “Ceoactive”. Ceoactive has the ability to proteolysis, i.e. it exposes proteins to splitting into shorter fragments. Some of these fragments are adsorbed on the surface of Ceoactive granules which transports them for recognition by the immune system.

Packing: 180 capsules, 0.435 grams each.

Official distributor in Russia and CIS countries: ICP Healthcare GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Biologically active product Nanovit Immuno is produced by German company ICP HealthCare GmbH, represented as dietary food for medicinal use in case of severe weakening of immunity, treatment of infections and immunosuppression, HIV infection and AIDS.

Nanovit® Immuno is biologically active food additive, recommended in complex treatment of autoimmune disorders and depression, infectious diseases, HIV infections and AIDS. Ingested orally under supervision of attending specialist and complements overall range of medical treatment.

HIV infection destroys immune defense of human body, that is why it is necessary immediately block possibility of infectious diseases, fungal and parasitic lesions, carcinogenic effects. Biostimulating and antioxidant product Nanovit® Immuno performs following tasks:

· Stimulates formation of immune defense system

· Reduces infectious risks and concentration of virus

· Steadily improves cell and mineral composition of blood

· Stimulates production of lymphocytes CD-4

· Accelerates healing of wounds and ulcers on skin

The Use of complex regimen of treatment together with Nanovit® Immuno can help to achieve health effects already after 3-6 weeks!

Such a rapid effect is achieved thanks to completely new high-tech formula that contains biologically active antioxidant and biostimulator ceoactive - substance extracted from silicon-containing natural mineral clinoptilolite.

Ceoactive is strong catalytic agent, which, through normalization process of digestion, blood circulation and metabolism, has a strengthening effect on human immune system and produces biocorrection at cellular level: binds free radicals in cells and tissues, removes endogenous and exogenous toxins, improves regeneration and selection of healthy cells.

Nanovit® Immuno is used only on prescription and in combination with other medications for treatment of HIV infections. The mechanism of micro effects of this food additive is unique and has positive impact on overall condition of patient and multiplies effect of conservative treatment.

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