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  • Nanovit® Derma
  • Nanovit® Derma
  • Nanovit® Derma
  • Nanovit® Derma
Eliminates manifestation of skin diseases (Рsoriasis, Еczema, Neurodermatitis)

Manufacturer: ICP Health Care Gmbh Germany

Pharm group: Biological food supplement (balanced dietary product) for additional systemic and topical treatment of Psoriasis, Eczema and Neurodermatitis.

International brand-name: Nanovit Derma

Instructions for use

Clinical Pharmacology: Pathology of psoriasis and neurodermatitis
The reaction of the skin tissue in psoriasis is a complex immune response with a strong inflammatory effect and abnormally rapid renewal of the layers of the skin, accompanied by strengthening of the peeling process. Special T-lymphocytes infiltrate the skin, forcing the cell to divide and prematurely jump to cornification (keratinization). Normal skin renewal process lasts 28 days, but in psoriasis this process is shortened – by 4 days.
At neurodermatitis, along with inflammation induration and intense itching of the skin are often observed under nervous stress.
The cause of these diseases is autoimmune processes in the body.

Mechanism of action: Physiological effects on the human body:
By means of immune modeling effects of mineral matter Ceoactive and nettle extract Nanovit Derma slows down autoimmune processes, which leads to recovery. Depending on severity of the disease, external application is recommended, or a combination of internal and external application. At the same time the drug has a soothing effect on skin lesions and, in most cases, the disappearance of psoriasis for many months is observed. Ceoactive promotes healing of wounds and soothes inflammation. Oral administration of Nanovit Derma leads to normalization of the intestinal flora and eliminates thereby additional factors of neuro-inflammatory irritation inside.

Pharmacological action: Using immuno-simulating effects of mineral substance ceoaktive and nettle extract, autoimmune processes slow down, and it leads to improvement. Depending on severity of a disease, it is recommended topical application or combination of internal and external use. This product has a calming effect on the affected skin, and in most cases psoriasis disappears for many months. Ceoaktive promotes healing and soothes inflammation. Oral administration of Nanovit Derma leads to normalization of intestinal flora and eliminates thereby additional factors of neuro-inflammatory stimulation from within.

Indications: It is recommended as a dietary food supplement – an additional source of silicon.
Psoriasis, neurodermatitis (atopic eczema)
Periodic or chronic inflammatory processes of the skin, strong peeling and painful itching.

Contraindications: Not observed.

Dosage and administration: Upon recommendations of a physician, if there are no other recommendations: when administered systemically – 2 capsules 3 times a day, for 3 months (2 courses of treatment per year).
For topical external application apply the ointment to the affected areas of skin 2 times a day.

Ointment for topical external application:
Vitamin B12 0.07 %
Purified water 15.0 %
Ceoactive 5.0 %
Base cream DAC up to 100 %

Side effect: Not observed.

Connectivity: P.o. drug Nanovit Derma and ointment for topical external application are compatible with other diets, cosmetics and medicines.

Storage conditions: Shelf life before opening is 3 years. Store in a dry place out of reach of children at room temperature.

Special instructions: It is recommended for complex treatment of psoriasis and atopic eczema (neurodermatitis).

Important notes:
- Use only under doctor’s supervision
- Not for use as a sole source of nutrition
- Does not replace any other prescriptions or medications
- Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Composition: 1 capsule with a total weight of 535.000 mg contains:
Aluminosilicate (ceoactive) 278 mg
L - aspartic acid 12 mg
Nettle extract 4:1 120 mg
Magnesium salts of fatty acids 10 mg
Tricalcium phosphate 15 mg

Nanovit Derma is based on siliceous mineral Klinoptilolith available in nature which in the course of processing and activation turns into fine, dietary powder “Ceoactive”. Ceoactive is able to regulate the rate of growth and division of cells (proliferation) in various tissues, including cells of the skin and mucous membranes. Ceoactive promotes healing of wounds and soothes inflammation.

Packing: 90 and 180 capsules, 0.435 grams each.

Official distributor in Russia and CIS countries: ICP Healthcare GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Biologically active product Nanovit® Derma is produced by well-known German company ICP HealthCare GmbH, serves as dietary food supplement for medical use in additional treatment of number of skin diseases, including dermatitis and neurodermatitis.

Nanovit® Derma is biologically active food additive to stabilize metabolic processes at cellular level and encourage rapid recovery in treatment of psoriasis and neurodermatitis different degrees of severity.

At wrong lifestyle, increased psychological stress, as well as number of infectious diseases, there is significant reduction in immune defense mechanisms in human body. Weakening of immunity is reflected on skin in form of psoriasis and neurodermatitis (endogenous eczema). Body starts to intensively allocate T-cells, accelerate cell division and keratinization, resulting in formation of scaly and itchy pustules.

Use of Nanovit® Derma, which contains L-aspartic acid, magnesium salts of fatty acids and tricalcium phosphate, can significantly slow down destructive processes in skin and enhance therapeutic effect of prescribed drugs.

Main active substance of Nanovit® Derma is powder ceoactive, which is by treatment obtained from silicon-containing mineral clinoptilolite. Ceoactive has powerful antioxidant and bio-stimulating action and allows:

· to slow autoimmune processes

· to regulate growth and division of skin cells and mucous membranes

· to alleviate inflammatory processes

· to heal in short time ulcers and wounds

· To restore intestinal flora and reduce internal neuro-inflammatory irritation of body

In addition, ceoactive catalyzes processes of cell bioregulation and selection, binds free radicals and stimulate ion exchange in cells, outputs endogenous and exogenous toxins from body tissues, stabilizes metabolism and protects organism from metabolic syndrome.

In initial stages of psoriasis and neurodermatitis Nanovit® Derma may be taken as primary therapeutic agent, in more severe forms, can be effective complement to complex combination of drug treatment with local application of Nanovit derma cream.

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