During last few years on basis of discoveries in the field of biotechnology to intensify scientific and medical research dedicated to finding new and more effective medications and methods that can help in getting rid of topical diseases. It is allowed to make many discoveries that help to accelerate healing process. However, it did not reduce number of diseases. Institute for System Bio Correction uses its innovative approach to conservation, health promotion and treatment. Supplements and medications do not fighting with disease and its cause. The roots of vast majority of diseases are in violation of metabolic processes, microcirculation, tissue respiration, which method Noventalis restores.

Achievements of Institute for System Bio Correction owes its reliable partners. International communities, European organizations, Academies, limited liability companies and private companies that is not indifferent to fate of humanity, put a lot of effort to promote prevention, hold important studies and implementation of know-how in clinical practice. Thanks to our joint labors have an opportunity to change the approach to treatment of many diseases, to help thousands of patients get rid of their ailments. Much has been done but there is still a lot of discoveries and innovations that will make it possible to exclude many diseases from the list of incurable.