In ground of this technology lie works of Soviet and Russian scientists and their German colleagues to improve the portability of congestion during space flights (Roscosmos), as well as training of athletes of the Olympic team of USSR in athletics. For 25 years, together with German colleagues were obtained monitoring results of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, blood and urine parameters of people undergoing intense psychophysical load. Were identified the regularities of transition from carbohydrate energy to lipid energy in cells under aerobic conditions.

At science city Berlin -Buch on base of Holding Institute of Individual System Biocorrection «Noventalis», LLC Nitrozdrav and its German colleagues are continuing works of Nobel laureate Otto Warburg on microcirculation, tissue respiration and metabolism.

Goal of the work: development, introduction and spread of new technologies, biologically active supplements and methods of disease prevention with a focus on metabolic and neurodegenerative disorders. The starting point was an idea to combine the catalytic properties of natural minerals that they can acquire because of nanotechnology techniques with features of natural substances (such as herbal extracts).

As a result we managed to develop the first group of products and get the patent which is approved under the name Nanovit®.

Alter many years successfully designed, tested, patented and introduced Russian-German technology of Individual System Biocorrection.

The subsequent application of this technology in patients with metabolic disorders showed its therapeutic efficacy.