Noventalis – Institute for System Bio Correction

New approach to treatment of Institute for System Bio Correction.

Institute for System Bio Correction offers a radically new approach to treatment of diabetes and other diseases associated with metabolic disturbances, microcirculation, and tissue respiration. The innovative method Noventalis is the result of many years of work of specialists and experts, and its effectiveness has already appreciated thousands of patients.

Essence of method Noventalis

Medical studies show that the cause of vast number of diseases of organs and systems is violation of microcirculation, metabolic processes, synthesis of substances, speed and quality of cell division. In medicine, there was even a name for this disease - "metabolic syndrome." It includes four main attributes that doctors combine as "deadly quartet":

• Hypertension
• Obesity
• Reduced cells insulin sensitivity
• Excessive amount of lipids

Traditional treatment regimen involves administration of drugs to maintain normal blood sugar level and dieting to avoid extremes of its content. However, these actions do not help eliminate causes of a disease. Violated microcirculation and metabolism do not allow the body to recover and to return to normal function.

Method Noventalis is aimed at normalization of microcirculation, tissue respiration and metabolism at cellular level. Line of products Nanovit, developed by company ICP HealthCare GmbH, allows to provide reliable protection of cells from stress that they have to endure because of metabolic syndrome.

Products Nanovit by Institute for System Bio Correction

For purposes of prevention, treatment of diseases, cause of which is a violation of microcirculation, tissue respiration, metabolism, Institute for System Bio Correction developed a line of biological products Nanovit. You can take these supplements along with medications prescribed by your doctor. This will make recovery process more effective and reduce number of used medical supplies and load on gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver and pancreas.

Complex components of products Nanovit are involved in metabolic processes, and eliminate violations that accompany:

• Hyperinsulinemia
• Coronary artery disease
• Type 2 diabetes
• Obesity
• Gout
• Microalbuminuria
• Atherosclerosis and other effects of metabolic syndrome.

In these diseases there is a failure in amount and rate of ROS synthesis (reactive oxygen substance). Free radicals gradually accumulate, attacking cells and creating cell stress. As a result, violated processes of their activities and division. Mineral ingredients, included in supplements Nanovit, help neutralize destruction of free radicals, normalizing balance and protecting cells from further damage.

Biological products Nanovit not only establish microcirculation, metabolism and digestion, and promote removal of metabolites, but also include natural recovery process of metabolism. Therefore, reception of biological additives can be used in process of natural healing forces of body, providing robust and effective results.

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